Some Professional Ideas On Criteria Of Wedding Ideas

Their letters to one another may contain some unbridled 19th-century heat he is her dearest angel, her image fills his whole soul, etc. but Albert still winds up very disappointed. Some of the disappointment is understandable. Albert takes this decision as a sign that the English people as a whole dont like him, which is admittedly heavy stuff. But Albert should be careful about wearing his unhappiness on his sleeve its really starting to bug Victoria. She cant understand why Albert would want for anything when hes married to the queen of England. I have enough for both of us, she tells Lord M and King Leopold. So when she begins to hear about all the money the men around her including her father! have spent on their mistresses, Victoria draws her own conclusions. Victorias head would really explode if she knew about Ernests wedding present to his little brother. Ernest thinks Albert needs a little more experience with women before he takes to the bed of the queen so to a house of ill repute they go!

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